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£6.90 per person includes a choice of soft drinks.

Dinner Menu


Carne e Pesce

  • breaded chicken with mozzarella cheese and tomato, served with linguine in tomato

  • meatballs served with linguine in a spicy tomato and garlic sauce

  • breaded chicken served with linguine in tomato

  • with mussels, king prawns, salmon and calamari all served in white wine & galric sauce

  • chicken cooked with pesto and lime, served on a bed of cherry tomatoes, spring onions and linguine pasta

  • grilled salmon served with chilli, coriander, cherry tomatoes, ginger, spring onions and linguine pasta

  • with cream stilton cheese and sinach

  • sirloin steak served with dijon mustard, mushroom, cream and spring onion sauce. Served with fries

  • garlic king prawns served with linguine and fresh rocket

  • pan fried loin of pork with shallots, sweet balsamic vinegar & herbs served with fries




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Gluten Free options available for pizza and pasta